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knowledgeDOG has the resources to meet any of your computer or network related requirements. We have specialize staff in Network infrastructure, Windows Servers, VPN (Virtual Private Networks), Internet security, software implementation and integration.

  1. Consulting and Planning: Computer technology changes rapidly, making it quite confusing for most people when it comes to deciding what they want for their IT needs. knowledgeDOG can sort through the confusion and identify the technology you need. We can establish short-and long-range plans, setting clear, obtainable IT goals for you.
  2. Installation: After establishing your technology plan or identifying a solution to your problem, knowledgeDOG can install and configure the hardware and software you need. We configure your systems to meet your needs and remove the unnecessary items to make your system operate better.
  3. Management: Software changes. Hardware changes. Updates are released. Something new happens in the IT industry every day. knowledgeDOG keeps you informed of these changes and implements the ones necessary for you. knowledgeDOG will work with you to keep your systems operating efficiently and the way you want it.
  4. Troubleshooting: Not everything is perfect and this definitely applies to computers. Unfortunately we now live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with Virus', ad-ware, spy-ware, pop-up and more. Problems can occur through no fault of your own. knowledgeDOG can identify and solve the computing problems you have so that you can get back to work using your computer.
  5. Computer Maintenance: Preventative maintenance is the best way to decrease system and employee downtime. Literati can arrange a regular maintenance plan tailored to your specific needs to keep your computers running at optimum levels.

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