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Computers are amazing tools and they are driving immeasurable gains in corporate productivity and world communications. However, while the whiz bang technical people can figure out how to do just about anything on a computer, what about everyone else? Well, knowledgeDOG was created for everyone else.

knowledgeDOG is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina and is made up of a group of creative,  technology professionals that are passionate about helping Individuals and organizations improve performance and increase sales.

We're highly experienced technologists, consistently working to develop new, innovative, and more effective ways to foster communication using technology. We're an extremely enthusiastic and an extraordinarily creative group that gets excited about breakthroughs in technology.

We're a highly responsive, and responsible team of individuals dedicated to helping our clients improve their bottom line..

Our approach is simple; ask the customers what they want and then give it to them. For information regarding our solutions, email us at .


So, what's with the name?

knowledgeDOG | Learning and knowledge Solutions.

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