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An intranet or extranet within your enterprise makes a genuine knowledge worker out of every employee. It offers your employees access to all the information, which today is spread out over the entire organization.

Windows SharePoint Services sites take file storage to a new level, providing communities for team collaboration and making it easy for users to work together on documents, tasks, contacts, events, and other information. In addition, team and site managers can coordinate site content and user activity easily. The environment is designed for easy and flexible deployment, administration, and application development. Sites are made up of Web Parts and Windows ASP.NET-based components. Web Parts are designed to be added to pages and configured by site administrators and users, creating complete page-based applications.

knowledgeDOG offers a ready-to-use solution with Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services 2003. Sharepoint is a powerful and very user-friendly web based environment. Every employee with a web browser has immediate access to import information of the team, the department or the entire organization:

 News items
 Hyperlinks to relevant websites
 Contact list of employees, partners, customers…
 Shared documents (offers, manuals, procedures…)
 Discussion lists
 Task lists
 Custom lists

Your intranet or extranet will be hosted on a powerful server in a strongly secured datacenter. Daily a full back-up will be taken of all documents and data. Through the internet, all employees have access to the knowledge of the organization 24 hours a day, regardless of the branch they are at, if they are working at home or if they are on a business trip. Of course your data is well protected and password secured.

If you require additional security, it is possible to access the intranet over a secure SSL (HTTPS) connection. The communication between your server and the user is in this case 100% encrypted.

Your Sharepoint website can also be used as extranet and is the ideal platform to take care of the communication towards your partners, resellers or even your customers.

knowledgeDOG has designed and developed many Collaborative teams sites, Corporate Intranets, Career Transition Portals and basic document management sites. The sites can be co-branded, password protected and easily configured to your Web/Corporate needs.


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