Well, the story of knowledgeDOG is long. Trust me. So, for the sake of brevity, here it goes: It actually started in the spring of 2001. My business partner and I had a fantastic business idea of helping others through the power of the web, but we needed one simple thing: a name. Here is how it is broken down. First word, 'knowledge.' Well, for the obvious fact that our company shares and delivers knowledge, the word is fitting. Growing up, too, my mother constantly said to my sister and me that "knowledge is power" I also used the word 'knowledge' as a system administration password at my old company many moons ago. Even with the other network engineers knowing what it was, they seemed to keep messing it up; for that reason, the word stuck.

Second part: 'DOG.' This one is not so obvious, but to my friends it is. I own two beautiful Dobermans. Not only are they fantastic pets to our family which includes two young kids, but they are also great watch DOGs. Their favorite toy is this orange street hockey ball. We can play for hours with that ball (hence the orange ball in the logo). Well, we put the two words together and there you've got it: www.knowledgeDOG.com. We have been called that "dog site," "smart dog," "computer dog," and so on, but one thing is for sure...people may not remember the exact name, but...

They never forget us nor the work we do.     


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